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I had the opportunity to travel to Israel in May of 2019. This was the trip of a lifetime, mostly because of the friends I made along the way, many American and some Israeli. One of my new Israeli friends, נטלי (Natalie) and I have kept in touch since my return to the states. She is an incredible artist, and after listening to some of my songs, she drew this of me. She told me my song, "The Loveliest Thing" was the inspiration behind it.

I am so flattered! If you would like to listen to the inspiration behind this artwork, the video is below the drawing (it's the first song in the video). 


Thursday, October 4, 2018 was the taping of AMP’d Sessions first episode for season 2. On Monday, October 8, the episode aired, and featured MTSU student and local artist, Jessica Yellowitz! Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the episode! The full show is available on AMP’d Sessions’ Facebook page.